replaced my coffee with this for the hot days 🥵

- lemon juice
- ice
- water
- sugar
- mint

cheap and tasty 😋

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    I think maybe you forgot the rum 🤔
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    Is this a jar? How much are you drinking anyways?
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    Sugar is not good on hot days; it just helps dehydrate you. The rest of it sounds great.
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    @iAmNaN honey goes good with rum, perhaps a substitute for sugar? 🤔
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    Ditch the sugar and any alternative like honey. It's empty calories and not good for you
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    @Froot honey isn't good for you???

    I might need some sources for that one. Pretty sure there quite a few benefits to honey, not in the weight department maybe, but definitely in the general health and fitness categories.
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    @M1sf3t honey is good for you in the sense of the stuff it adds on top of sugar. But underneath it's still just a bunch of sugar which is not good for you. So if I could get honey without the sugar then I'd go for it for sure
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    @Froot maybe but honey takes far less of an amount to sweeten I believe. Take that with a pinch of salt tho because the only cold drink Ive tried to make with it was green tea and Ive yet to get the concentration right.

    Still in coffee, the ratio is at least 1 tbsp vs 1.5 tbsps
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    This is what my pee looks like after I drink my vitamin C juice, a very bright color. It's tempting not to add ice in it.
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    Don't you drink cold coffee?
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    What are your ratios? :D
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    Sounds tasty but where do you get your caffeine fix now?
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    Fuck that sounds tasy. Well not the sugar but still great.
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    @Haxk20 Still thinking the mojito sounds tastier.
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    @M1sf3t Surely does.
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    @M1sf3t honey isnt necessarily unhealthy but if you add it to every glass of water/coffee you drink it will be. Its no issue if you do it as a treat though.
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