Guys what to do after learning web development course (online) ?

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    currently i don't have any websites actually i am just learning now

    i upload my projects on codepen
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    @flake hey you know you coulda made that one comment. Pretty sure it wouldve fit, maybe even with a blank line in between each point.

    You just like spontaneously hitting the post button at random or you pawning off your pride for a few cheap ++'s you can purchase a redbull with 🤔
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    @DeveloperAbhi if your having to ask this question, my advice would be to find another course to take. Nothing against the one you took but there may have been a few implied concepts you might've missed and another course would probably do you some good.

    In other words, this is not really a question you ask us, at least not without a little more context.

    The real question, the one you should be able to both ask and answer when your finally get it, is now that you have, what do you want to do with it?
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    You repo the crap out of everything you learnt.

    Surely you did more then watch videos... and actually produced something.

    web isn't just about learning, it's about applying what you have learnt to a real/semi real project.

    Build something you can call your own, or take another course.
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    Develop webs, obviously...
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    @M1sf3t hey, can anyone explain which one is best codepen or github ?
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    @DeveloperAbhi ok I'm gonna need you to start using some emoji's so that I can tell whether your joking or not.

    Those two aren't even the same sport much less in the same league. Both are also free to try and so is gitlab, which is who you would compare github too. Codepen would be js fiddle or maybe pastebin.
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    After a long hard day of work, I usually recline my seat as far back as it goes, grab some cocoa butter, open a new private window, go straight to pornhub.com and bash one off.
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    Also any advice on which is better, YouTube or PornHub???
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