Desperately need a job, but seems like I'm unemployable. 🙃

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    @hash-table I've applied for about 20 jobs. 2 called back, both denied after interview.
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    @hash-table I'm not even going to jobs that are devs, just manual labor like picker / packer, warehouse stuff like that.

    I don't have any experience other than programming in my free time, a Computer Science A Level, and the course that I'm doing Computer Forensics and Security.

    Only one gave me feed back and told me I need to be more resilient, but idk how they got that, they wouldn't tell.
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    > applied for about 20 jobs.

    I'm reminded of someone I read about who had applied for 11,000+ !

    I must have got half way there myself..

    Then I moved to a place with 0% unemployment !

    Finally got a job !

    No real surprise I guess..

    Previous place, 1 job, 1,200 applicants..
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    > just getting any job

    I remember applying for those, couldn't even get a job sweeping the streets !
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    > manual labor like picker / packer,

    > warehouse stuff like that.

    Reminds me of a father asking what to get his son for his 12th birthday.

    Everyone else was suggesting all kinds of kids stuff.

    I suggest a set of weight lifting gear, as being strong is very useful in life, such as getting manual labour jobs.
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    Do you have a Portillo with examples of your work for them to see ?

    Eg. on your website.
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    @c3ypt1c Looking for a new job is tough, trust me when I say that. When I was unemployed I applied to 20 - 30 different jobs a week. Out of that I got maybe 4 - 5 call backs and an on-site interview every week or two. Still took me a few months to land something.

    You got this, just hang in there.
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    I remember one asked me some technical questions, which I answered.

    Later they gave me feedback on why I didn't get the job.

    They said they didn't understand my technical answers !

    Well, why didn't they say at the time, I could have dumbed it down !
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    Some I applied for said I lived too far away, as they had trouble with staff getting to work on time.

    So maybe closer ones might be more successful.

    Though, I applied for one at the end of my road, and still didn't get it, and I could hardly be any nearer to it !
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    In the end I got a job 2 hours travel time away. :-(

    Only because no one else applied for it !

    It was in the wrong advert section..

    Warehouse job in with babysitters..

    Not that I wanted to be a babysitter, but I always checked all categories in case one got miss-filed..
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    The next election for head of state in your country, run for Head of State. They'll hire anybody... lol.
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    Do what I did, find an opening where no one has put themselves up for office, put yourself forward, vote for yourself, and win by one vote !

    Related link:


    > Bart Simpson Runs for Class President
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    It’s been hit or miss with me as well but I’m already employed, just looking for better pay and more to do. I was turned down for someone with more experience or who actually fit their needs because I went through recruiters. It can be a hit or miss with them but if you’re looking for something you’re good at in the tech field, hook up your LinkedIn profile with every inch of experience you’ve built up until now and projects you’ve done and let recruiters know you’re looking for opportunities!

    I myself haven’t given up and it’s 7 turn downs and counting and I’ve always seem to make it to the final decision making part for each one.

    Be confident in yourself, smile, talk about the things you’ve done or take interest in and see if it’s a match. Something is bound to match up on both ends eventually.
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    > It's all about confidence

    I didn't find that.

    <-- Stupid levels of confidence.
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    @OmgItBurns I keep trying

    @Nanos I take your advice to heart.

    @hash-table I don't have trouble acting confident. Matching the resumes is good but not possible.

    Thank you all for all your support :)
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    Hard to tell.

    Lots of folk told me I just needed confidence to get ahead.

    For some time I kept thinking, this will be the one, thinks look so promising, everyone seems to like me, says great things about me.

    Just not hire me..

    On the plus side, I can see so many negatives about practically every situation I approach, I can predict the outcome in advance. :-)

    Of course, like any good amateur science person I try and disprove my hypothesis / theory by repeating testing these situations to find out I was right ! (Though maybe not for the right reasons..)

    Perhaps if I'm more successful I might be able to figure out why.

    For now, I don't have all the answers, only it appears some of the pieces of the puzzle.

    Maybe confidence was that only one extra thing you needed to get ahead, and I'm missing several other things.
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    How have you had 10k+ ++’s and haven’t had a job yet??

    Or do you feel you’ve only just recently become unemployable and have previous experience.

    Either way, nobody is unemployable, only unattractive. Bring your brightest feathers to the fore and hide the dim ones behind them, and don’t be ashamed about it.

    If that fails, try seduction, and then bribery, and then blackmail. If it still fails, I rarely say this but i think this calls for it, take them hostage and tell them your demands.
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    Or do what I did and move to a place with 0% unemployment, then you can magically get a job !

    <-- Unemployable for anything for years !

    I couldn't even get a job as a toilet attendant !

    (Wrong religion..)
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    @Nanos where were you before you moved to Treasure Island?
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    Everywhere else. :-)

    Well almost, except that one town with 79% unemployment..

    Trouble with moving to a large city is whilst there are many jobs, there are many people applying for each job.

    Like a neighbour of mine, applied for a job as a baggage handler at the airport, but 1,200 other people applied to.

    Eventually the job went to the cousin of the manager..

    So much is down to who you know.

    Thus if you know no one, its hard to get anywhere.

    I hear golf courses if you can afford to go, are a good place to network and find a job.

    I hear Facebook can be a good place to network as well, but I don't find its very good myself, mainly because Facebook is so poorly designed..
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    @Nanos Bathroom based zealotry?
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    There is a lot of it about.
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    @Nanos I can definitely relate to that. It’s not uncommon for top jobs to get hundreds of applicants here. I’ve heard some go over the thousand threshold easily.
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    When I was younger (I guess no one ever says, when I was older..) I got told by countless people its just a numbers game..

    Eg. if 1,000 people apply and you don't get it, just apply for another job, you will bound to get one eventually..

    Well, no..

    You might always be in the bottom 999 of people and never get a job !

    Same applies to relationships..

    Thankfully with the power of the internet, I tested out that theory by asking roughly half a million women out, they all said no..

    So, do I ask another half a million, or do I figure out, I'm really not attractive enough !

    As such, if you can't get any job, what jobs might you be able to get if you improved yourself ?

    Perhaps the most easy way to improve is to become physically stronger, as there are jobs needing strong people to lift heavy boxes.

    I find it can be quite difficult to find out just what is needed to beat everyone else.
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    @Nanos even if you have ‘everything’ it doesn’t guarantee you the job. Sometimes, like you implied, they already know who they want to give it to, but have to follow a process. Other times it could be something small you said or your haircut, something discriminatory (this can be subconsciously) or the person is not having a good day. Maybe they really clicked with someone else. There are a tonne of things that need to be in place to have a high chance of getting a job.
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    It is largely a numbers game, not how you said you were told but how you explained before. But I try and circumvent this by calling the recruiter about a week or so after an application, this has worked for me before. Once in the past, the guy looked for my application while I was on the phone, had a scan and asked a few questions, was happy enough with the answers to give me an assessment day. This was for one of the largest engineering and architecture firms in the world. I got the job in the end, that was 5 years ago.

    In my experience, people like to see that you want the job (I’m not talking
    about desperation), not just that you’re willing to go through the application stages. This goes a long way, and if it was me I’d definitely give it to the person who seems they want it more (within reason).
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    > There are a tonne of things that need to be

    > in place to have a high chance of getting a job.

    I find it quite interesting just what those things are.

    In the past, part of my job was recruiting..

    The main issues I faced seemed quite simple to me:

    Finding someone willing to do what they are told.

    Capable of understanding instructions.

    Well behaved.

    Not lazy.

    Good grasp of language for communication purposes.

    Ideally with useful knowledge.

    Surprisingly difficult to find people like that !

    It rather puzzles me what other folk look for..
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    @-AJ- Because I'm gay

    I'm kidding. No. It's because of the fact that I can't go into a developer field of any kind. Everyone wants devs to stay around and well, I only have time till the summer holidays; unless I move out of home and skip a year of uni, which is really tempting right now, but I can't. I have probably the worst job possible for my level of education: manual shit to do with eggs. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome intensifies all the time because of the wrist movements needed to lift shit, clean eggs, etc, etc. I've already faked being ill once because of the pain, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a pussy either. Today I have another shift and welp, I'll probably keep going till I die or something.

    As for how I got this job, @Nanos is right. You need to know people in order to get a job, even a really trashy one like this. Only got this job through the friend of my family. He gave me a phone number and yeah. Anything else I tried doesn't work or bends you over.
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    > Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Is best avoided..

    Unless you really need the money, then such jobs should be split between more people, otherwise you wear out your workforce too much.

    Is there anything design wise that could be done to improve the process and reduce the wear and tear on yourself ?

    This could be presented as a way to reduce operating costs..
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    > > Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    > Is best avoided..

    No shit, it hurts...

    > Unless you really need the money

    If I don't, my parents will stop supporting me. Thus wanting to move out anyway. But for real, I need it.

    > This could be presented as a way to reduce operating costs

    What do you mean? I'm in no position to tell anyone "oh my wristy bitsy hurts, could you stop giving me jobs that are hard: it'll save you money uwu". That's dumb and a surefire way to get fired from the only possible job I can have.
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    I see. I wouldn't worry then, you are probably over-thinking it. Wait till you're in the final year of your course before applying for permanent full time positions (I'm assuming the degree is CS related?). Your uni should have some CV and career sessions you can attend for free, these are very valuable and will put you on the right track. A lot of the time you'll find it's not your skill that are lacking, it's how you present yourself. Why can't you just look for summer internships/ placements between uni years?
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    > it's how you present yourself.

    I wonder if there are any guides for that ?

    I can quite imagine I don't always come across in a suitable manner..
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    I'm now trying this kind of look:
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    @Nanos I’d hire the guy with glasses, he’s got different lenses depending in what language he’s coding in 😂. The other guy just looks like he’d sit there and look like either a fool or a badass for 8 hours a days.
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    Well, so many places I've been too end up hiring the fool !

    I wouldn't mind a set of glasses like that..

    I usually wear mine on the top of my head like that, as I have a pair for close up work, but can't wear them when walking around or I can't see anything !

    With a landyard of course, so they don't fall off easily !

    What I could really do with is something like this..
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    I wonder if these are out yet ?

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    I'm reminded of:


    I try not to wear glasses when speaking with stupid people as I find they hate me less.

    Of course, its best if you can avoid talking to such people altogether. :-)

    But apparently people can hate me just by looking at me. :-(

    Online its easy to be hated, just disagree with someone over anything. :-)
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    These are nice too..


    > Steampunk Goggles
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    @Nanos I kinda did a similar thing compared to what you suggested. I ended up asking to be moved away from the dep I worked at which is the cancer of the earth. And they put me onto something easier. I didn't think I would have had this thought without you so thanks.
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    Glad to have helped in some manner.

    Is what I mainly try and do in life, is to help in whatever fashion I can.
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