Desperately need a job, but seems like I'm unemployable. 🙃

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    Why do you think you are unemployable?
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    @hash-table I've applied for about 20 jobs. 2 called back, both denied after interview.
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    @c3ypt1c doesn't make you unemployable. Was there any feedback from companies with interviews? Did you ask for feedback? We're there dev tests? Are you going for a junior position? How much experience do you have? Intially getting job in industry is extremely difficult. Have you thought about just getting any job while looking for the job? I worked at Walmart while I was searching for my for a job in industry took some pressure off having at least some income.
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    @flake everyone is employable to someone, so he isn't unemployable. Derp
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    @hash-table I'm not even going to jobs that are devs, just manual labor like picker / packer, warehouse stuff like that.

    I don't have any experience other than programming in my free time, a Computer Science A Level, and the course that I'm doing Computer Forensics and Security.

    Only one gave me feed back and told me I need to be more resilient, but idk how they got that, they wouldn't tell.
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    > applied for about 20 jobs.

    I'm reminded of someone I read about who had applied for 11,000+ !

    I must have got half way there myself..

    Then I moved to a place with 0% unemployment !

    Finally got a job !

    No real surprise I guess..

    Previous place, 1 job, 1,200 applicants..
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    > just getting any job

    I remember applying for those, couldn't even get a job sweeping the streets !
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    > manual labor like picker / packer,

    > warehouse stuff like that.

    Reminds me of a father asking what to get his son for his 12th birthday.

    Everyone else was suggesting all kinds of kids stuff.

    I suggest a set of weight lifting gear, as being strong is very useful in life, such as getting manual labour jobs.
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    Do you have a Portillo with examples of your work for them to see ?

    Eg. on your website.
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    @c3ypt1c Looking for a new job is tough, trust me when I say that. When I was unemployed I applied to 20 - 30 different jobs a week. Out of that I got maybe 4 - 5 call backs and an on-site interview every week or two. Still took me a few months to land something.

    You got this, just hang in there.
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    I remember one asked me some technical questions, which I answered.

    Later they gave me feedback on why I didn't get the job.

    They said they didn't understand my technical answers !

    Well, why didn't they say at the time, I could have dumbed it down !
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    Some I applied for said I lived too far away, as they had trouble with staff getting to work on time.

    So maybe closer ones might be more successful.

    Though, I applied for one at the end of my road, and still didn't get it, and I could hardly be any nearer to it !
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    In the end I got a job 2 hours travel time away. :-(

    Only because no one else applied for it !

    It was in the wrong advert section..

    Warehouse job in with babysitters..

    Not that I wanted to be a babysitter, but I always checked all categories in case one got miss-filed..
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    The next election for head of state in your country, run for Head of State. They'll hire anybody... lol.
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    Do what I did, find an opening where no one has put themselves up for office, put yourself forward, vote for yourself, and win by one vote !

    Related link:


    > Bart Simpson Runs for Class President
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    It’s been hit or miss with me as well but I’m already employed, just looking for better pay and more to do. I was turned down for someone with more experience or who actually fit their needs because I went through recruiters. It can be a hit or miss with them but if you’re looking for something you’re good at in the tech field, hook up your LinkedIn profile with every inch of experience you’ve built up until now and projects you’ve done and let recruiters know you’re looking for opportunities!

    I myself haven’t given up and it’s 7 turn downs and counting and I’ve always seem to make it to the final decision making part for each one.

    Be confident in yourself, smile, talk about the things you’ve done or take interest in and see if it’s a match. Something is bound to match up on both ends eventually.
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    I've found tailoring your resume application for each company applied for helps immensely.

    I apply to 10-15 jobs a day. I usually get a 5 callbacks after 2 weeks of some this, so only 5% or so ever give me callback.

    Out of those I generally peg the interview, very few times have I interviewed and not nailed it. It's all about confidence regardless of you feel confident or not. People are shallow. They usually cannot tell between fake confidence and real confidence, so practice acting like your the shiznit about everything even if it is uncomfortable for you. It's retarded but works.
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    > It's all about confidence

    I didn't find that.

    <-- Stupid levels of confidence.
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    @OmgItBurns I keep trying

    @Nanos I take your advice to heart.

    @hash-table I don't have trouble acting confident. Matching the resumes is good but not possible.

    Thank you all for all your support :)
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    Hmm, then maybe I am wrong about confidence, that is what I thought always have me edge in interviews. Maybe they just feel sorry for me then and hire me to increase their karma points.
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    Hard to tell.

    Lots of folk told me I just needed confidence to get ahead.

    For some time I kept thinking, this will be the one, thinks look so promising, everyone seems to like me, says great things about me.

    Just not hire me..

    On the plus side, I can see so many negatives about practically every situation I approach, I can predict the outcome in advance. :-)

    Of course, like any good amateur science person I try and disprove my hypothesis / theory by repeating testing these situations to find out I was right ! (Though maybe not for the right reasons..)

    Perhaps if I'm more successful I might be able to figure out why.

    For now, I don't have all the answers, only it appears some of the pieces of the puzzle.

    Maybe confidence was that only one extra thing you needed to get ahead, and I'm missing several other things.
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