3 LinkedIn messages from same guy in French. It's bad enough when recruiters don't read your profile and send completely irrelevant jobs, but to send it in a language that you never gave any indication of understanding is a whole new level

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    Reply: No habla Español
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    @Codex404 "No habla Italiano" to confuse him even more!

    Could help you translate it if needed. (To see if it was 100% bullshit or not)
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    @jilano thanks for the offer. I ran one message through translator:

    I am in charge of accompanying the community of cream-of-cream freelancers.

    My goal is to create the best possible environment to flourish next to its freelance activity (events, trainings, workshop, slack and Facebook community, etc.)

    Of course, next to that you will receive missions selected for you: we only drag 30% of the brief we receive, the most serious.

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    @nibor Smells like bullshit to me, haha

    Honestly, there are so many agencies that supposedly help you find a job, it's a joke. I got more contact in these things than actual companies.
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