From the abandoned university my first dev project came from the course of programming 1(C as language).
I had to implement a robot that moves inside any matrix like map following both specified rules and random moves, and had to reach sooner or later the exit place of the room.

At first I was overwhelmed by the task at hand, then I had to calm myself and start hacking around to get any idea on how to even understand what's required to get to that point.

It obsessed me for the whole first 2 weeks, but the progress was quiet steady.

Then I hit a fundamental problem of state and movement of the robot... And, as always, the best thing to do at this point is to simply detach your attention from the issue|project.

In the same day my mind asynchronously bursted a solution to my problem, and after some time I came back to the project and accomplished it with 100% of the requirements met 😁

This is what it looked like in the console(minified here):


Guess which is which 😉

  • 1
    0 = free

    1 = player?

    2 = starting location or player (if 1 isnt player)

    3 = wall

    4 = exit

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    @Falk 2 is the player, 1 is not seen because it's the last position hint. The rule was that he can't move back to the last past location.
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