So I need career advice. I’ve heard from many friends (mainly at minimum wage jobs) that people won’t hire them unless they have a car. I have a disability (several anxiety) and one of the symptoms is flashbacks (in which my physician agrees) that it’s unsafe for me to drive a car or operate heavy machinery because of the randomness of them and the risk it’d pose.

This minimally affects my ability to write computer code and I’m a reasonably competent Ruby Developer.

For those curious: I use public transportation, carpooling, and ride hailing apps like Uber or Lyft to get places.

How should I respond if asked this question in an interview?

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    Won't hire them unless they have a car? Are they working for Uber?
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    @rEaL-jAsE ya but this is the US. And I've never heard of that in this state

    @lunorian if you're staying in the triangle area, that makes no fucking sense. I can understand if you're out in the middle of nowhere, but if you're somewhere like that with a plethora of options (Lyft, Uber, I'm sure the public transportation is a lot better than where I'm from, etc) then it shouldn't matter. There's also a culture difference between what I'm assuming is McDonald's or cashier jobs and a programmer.

    You can also have a doctor's note or something, and that should protect you. It's 2019 and you're definitely not allowed to deny someone a job solely because of a medical condition in which a doctor has some sort of note. Sounds like an easy case you can win if it does happen.
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    Worked in UK, Czech and Sweden. Never used a car there. I would just relocate to be 30min min away via public transport and thats all.

    Anyways, I dont think a company would reject you if you dont have a car.

    Unless you live like 1-2 hours away via public transport then they would assume that commute will tire you and you might leave the position as it would be unsustainable.
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    Maybe they are asking you if you have a car so you can drive to customers' locations? Are they hiring you exclusively for a programmer role or do they expect you to provide on site tech support for customers?
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    Why would you need a car? Even IF the job involved driving around, it would still be the fucking company who has to provide the tool for that work, i.e. a fucking car!

    I've never had to drive myself (Germany). It's just that I have to get to work somehow, but then again, I don't accept companies that sit in the middle of nowhere without public transport access.

    Quite the opposite, no company even WANTED me to drive because then the risk of me causing an accident and being injured and ill would be on the company, and they would have to pay me for the first six weeks. But hey happily paid public transport, plane and taxi.
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    Seriously? It is none of a present or prospective employer's business what method of conveyance you use to transport yourself to and from your job location. I believe you're kind of looking through the wrong end of the telescope. The way you accurately described the situation here could very well cause an interviewer to disqualify you from the running. If your anxiety is under control they don't need to know anything about it. All they need to know is that if they don''t hire you somebody else will scoop you up.
    I would strongly suggest going online and googling interview answers and questions. And if possible, and I do think it is possible, find an interview coach for free to run lines off of, so to speak. In any large city you may find resources at the main public library. Good luck.
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    Just ask them ‘do I have to drive as part of my job?’ or if they ask ‘do you have a car?’ simply say that you care for the planet and try to limit your carbon footprint by using public transport or car sharing. or you could simply respond with ‘What the fuck has it got to do with you!’.
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    wow so none of you have ever run into the reliable transportation question? That's listed right under the "is your girlfriend black" question here in mississippi. Of course the closest thing to public transportation system we got is a fleet of southern baptist church busses so 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Op if your in a similar area then it's a legitimate concern. Best answer you can give them is a specific transport that has a set, stable schedule that you can cite.

    You may also get away with saying uber if its some sheek startup that happened make good early on, but if its old money your dealing with then you can go ahead hang that answer up with the, "I think I can catch a ride with my girlfriends brother" response.
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