Coding sometimes feels easy. Today I worked on a ticket. Everything went smooth. Just moved from having quite a few JS tickets to scala. Intelli Sense did most of the work for me. So much more complicated when you have a dynamic language. And it was all done so quickly. At some point I even wondered why I am getting paid when the IDE did all the heavy lifting.

Well, as it was time to set up the merge request, I booked my time, expecting smugly to have been far under expectations.

I was spot on the estimated two hours. I wasn't fast. Time just flew because I had fun. Next time I have to estimate extra time. Couldn't have made it if I had stuck anywhere.

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    You using intellij? I found the idea scala plugin kinda lame.
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    @ganjaman Really? What do you use?
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    @ganjaman This. SBT project doesn't sync dependencies in IntelliJ (the project compiles but IDE doesn't recognise stuff), you have to find one specific refresh button for it to sync those... Took me too much googling and experimenting - and that's for an official extension that IntelliJ suggests you add just after installing the IDE!

    Wish I spent time on Linux then and learned emacs...

    But now I'm at the company where we use PyCharm - yet another product from JetBrains, at least doesn't need any plugins like IntelliJ for Scala...
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    @ganjaman good operating system with mediocre editor. At least that's what I heard. But you can fix it with the evil plugin.
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    @TheCommoner282 eh, its much more than an editor, but so are all the electron crap with a built in marketplace
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