Fuck me! Fuck VSCode!
Wasted nearly a whole day of entire team by breaking a core functionalty.
Don't know if others also hate it so much when you want to add a bracket and VSCode detecting a closing bracket or whatever nullifies your attempt leaving the number of brackets constant.
Not exactly sure today's defect was caused by this, but I strongly suspect it because it was caused by just a misplaced bracket.

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    User error.
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    You can disable automatic bracket closing in the settings if it doesn't fit your style.
    +1 user error
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    +τ user error
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    Why you all blame me? I already did that and git too.

    There is also (my?) 1st rule of devrant: the ranter is always right. If I want to complain about my cli for suggesting to correct 'git statsu' instead of correcting it (yeah there's a tool to do the correction and maybe I have it installed, but I want to fucking rant), why shouldn't I. If on the other hand my editor default settings 'corrects' my brackets luring me into breaking the code, I will insist on my right to rant.

    The (l)user is always right. Even if he's as stupid as me.
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    @phorkyas the user as stupid as you is never right.
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