Linkedin is so repetitive.

It's full of content creators "life coaches" who keeps repeating the same thing as well. Do those people actually like Linkedin or are they using it because they failed on youtube?

For example edward zia, very "famous" on Linkedin, his youtube videos have at best 600 views and many below 100

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    Well everyone need somehow earn a living these days.
    It’s always better to be coach and mentor then homeless person ( I am not sure about it but tv and news told me that’s better )
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    I saw a bootstrap 3 new features course on linkedin

    It’s 2019
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    @devTea I saw php 5 course, and the worst of php courses, even the thumbnail is a guy opening nodepad, who does thumbnails like that and who program in notepad?

    Basically they got all lynda catalog and didn't update it and lynda's dead. They're ads are the worst.

    The only thing's that's positive about their courses is that they have specialized material you won't find anywhere else, like COBOL detailed course
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    If I didn't care enough to create my super amazing professional profile, would have deleted that crap long ago.
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