Ahhhhhhhh Welp
I don't use uppercase letters but special symbols. But sure, fuck @#€&-(/?;:'"* and all the other ones. What a brain dead, face fucked moron came up with this.

I am waiting for the day a dipshit like that starts working in a hospital, forcing to name my child "BrIaN666".

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    More combinations to process = more time for a brute force attack to theoretically take to hit it.

    8 characters though 🤷‍♂️
    My go to is 100.. unless the form can't handle it or breaks after 20... 😕
    looking at you PayPal/EA.
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    @irene I'd rather loose access then someone gain access.
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    I wonder what lowercase numbers are
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    Fiverr seems to have become a shithole anyway.
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    Sorry that name is already taken.
    Suggestion: BrlaN666_1559800376876

    (yes we just add the a timestamp)
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    @C0D4 I know that But there is no reason to force me to use upper and lower case letters. Special characters on the other hand make more sense. If anyone would like to brute force it he wouldn't think "you know what, lets skip upper case today".
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    @irene I do understand that.
    I have no experience in brute forcing but I expect the attacker to check for both, upper and lower case letters, because he does not know if I am using both. No?
    Therefore the length is the crux just like @COD4 said.
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