So today I've had the idea of implementing Node.JS in Python because I love Node.JS but sometimes I hate the whole ".JS" part of it. It will be a fantastic learning exercise with TCP sockets and such, and will be good for learning the more intricate parts of Python as well.

Excited for Nodepy!

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    What difference would it have from existing async capabilities in python?

    Legit curious. In the best way possible my dude. Not hating on ya or anything

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    @AleCx04 No, no, no, that's exactly what got me really excited about this idea! What I mean by implementing NodeJS in Python is the library structure:

    import nodepy.http

    server = http.createServer(listener)


    I'll be implementing all the classes and functions myself for fun. I don't know if I'll make the project public on GitHub, as some people may confuse it for something usable
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    @AleCx04 And to be clear, I'll be Pythonifying it. it will be http.create_server, not http.createServer
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    You mean call nodejs.so from python or write some nodejs extension or new api ?
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    @vane run node.js like server with python
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    I dig it
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    Dont mix up the runtime with modules. So you want to build the http module of nodejs with python or the whole engine? :D
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    @blackfaded V8 is the runtime, Node is a large library of extentions to that runtime, and I'm building all of the Node library in Python for fun
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