It would be great if I had more confidence in the people I'm working with. It's as if basic programming principles are forgotten either to avoid confrontation or to just get a quick fix in. And yet the arguments I get into over a pull request make absolutely no sense. Fucking care about your work and look at the bigger picture. I've written some terrible code in the past but I'm happy when someone more experienced than me points it out and how it will have an effect in the long run.

The amount of garbage I've encountered over the last week or two is ridiculous. And from people much older and experienced than me. Now I'm stuck refactoring their shit.

I need to work with people I can learn from and don't have to clean up their mess. Anyone wanna be my sensei?

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    Unfortunately, I think what your are looking for is rare. Maybe even a 🦄. I spent almost an hour teaching someone to write an insert statement correctly, and I don't write DML, but they should have known, because it was their job to know. I think we have higher expectations than what is really out there, and that is in large part due to unmanaged development projects that are rushed to hit an arbitrary deadline, so quality suffers. I'm not going to throw stones, because I'm not the most skilled individual myself.
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    @iAmNaN it definitely is unfortunate... It would be great to have someone more experienced to share their knowledge...and to not work under senior devs who clearly aren't doing what is right.
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