Video of a kid doing something:

LinkedIn user: no matter how small you are you can conquer the world and cure cancer.

Comment one:haha very true

comment two:nope the kid must be at least 3 feet tall

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Oracle: have to tried enterprises something and enterprises something, give me all your money

Rant inspired by https://devrant.com/rants/2131330/...

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    Don’t forget about the job requirement posted there

    > require 25 years of node.js experience
    > max age 23

    > experience in using php, .net, vb, js, python, ruby, or c++ with AI, block chain, wombo combo project is a plus
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    @devTea and the LinkedIn 'buy premium advertisements'

    Three people spied on you. to find out if you have to hire a sniper to kill them buy premium.
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