Head a great experience today. One of my Indian co-workers stopped by and asked if I like biryani. Yep, I do, so I went to get me some. They had a sauce on the side, a pepper sauce. Nice and hot, and generated a wonderful endorphin rush. I have to say, of most of my coworkers, the South Asian are the most friendly and polite, and I enjoy working with them. I hope Trump doesn't ruin that.

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    Wait until you meet me. Just kidding. I'm one of those people who always have food. Biryani sounds awesome. I'm hungry again.

    Trump has ruined something actually. I was supposed to be there in the US last 2016 for a year or more. Ohio and New York to be more specific. I passed the visa interview and they took my passport but then they sent it back. It turned out there's been a mass rejection of visa applications in India as well so it doesn't even matter if you pass the interview.
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    @rutee07 yep, pretty much. Rant coming.
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    @rutee07 that makes me worried for my visa application process 😐
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    @Elyz Maybe it would be different this time. It was 2016. I wish you good luck.
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    Thanks :D
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