Have any RSS reader recommendations? Tried several from main stream like feedly, inoreader none fits me, as they are noisy UI&UX wise, low support for own rss sources or have other annoying shit... I am looking something simple in UI but powerful in organising && personalising aggregated content - would be awesome to set custom filters, maybe even be able to script it. Also prefer self-hosted solution, but not necessarily, as long it can be accessed from all devices online.

Does something like that even exists? O should I start new side project?

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    RssOwl is my goto

    Oh you want an online one?
    Never found anything reasonably good 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 netvibes can do that online, although it was build to do something completely different, it's my favorite rss aggregator
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    @C0D4 yeah, at least I want to have mobile first access, as that’s where I mostly read all the stuff.

    @tkdmatze this one seems promising, I may give it a try
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