Virtual stocks over 3 months. I think i'm ready for the real thing.

(All values in euros since there aren't any simulators like this that use USD.)

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    Cool. Which app do you use?
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    @Jifuna Looks like BestBrokers.
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    Stocks will crash within 4-12 months due to Trump vs China. The growth is in recession already
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    @M1sf3t you calling Musk "shit for brains"? Why?
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    @telephantasm from the rest of that section of the message he was talking about how Elon upset an entire industry. From there, you can infer that he's talking from the industry's point of view.
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    @M1sf3t oh good, i got it right xD
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    @jespersh isn't it already crashing?
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    The prices don't look right though... Those stocks don't come anywhere near $1000....

    The only stocks above $1000 I think are Amazon, Google (barely) and Berkshire Class A which trades at like $300,000
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    Same for me, I had made 500.000 to 1 mil. Then I invested a whole lot in oil on a tired day. And now I have about 400.000
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    Remember that real stocks brokers usually have fees for simply buying
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    @billgates again, this is all in euros...
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    @Parzi does numbers at the bottom is the prize of a single stock or total. I thought it was a single stock
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    @billgates if your stock name is Tesla, then yes
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    <# of Stocks>x <Total stock value>

    <Amount stock has gone up/down, in percent>
    <Amount stick has gone up/down, specific value>
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