You just plug it in and it works, right..

No, not really, not until you have done this:


And then this to update the phone:


Hopefully after all that, the screen brightness setting doesn't keep resetting itself to lowest..

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    I bet the "plug n play"-ness is even better when you try to make it work in Linux or even BSD.
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    I've got as far as getting the Windows software to install and run, it just can't see the phone yet..
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    The bigger question is why are you using Windows PDA
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    Because it has a physical keyboard. :-)

    With a number row !

    With buttons big enough to easily press, that are backlit.
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    After 14 hours I got as far as at least getting Windows 10 to see the phone.

    Quite how I managed that, I'm not sure, it seemed to work after I did a windows update..

    But I also deleted the previous phone sync as I wondered if that might be an issue, since I read that if you reset your phone (Which I had..) you then can't load your old data back into it !

    That can't be right, can it ?

    I mean, the whole point of backing up your data off the phone is so you can restore it, if you get a new phone the same !

    Oh well, it wasn't much, just have to type all those numbers back in again..

    Reminds me of all those times I got a new phone in the past and used its software to transfer my old phone data over, and it never worked right, ever !

    You know how long it takes to type in 500 phone numbers..
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