My best skill is problem is:
*** problem solving ***
Really, at least in all the teams I've been working until now, I'm always surprised by myself. How fast I am in spotting the problem root and find or suggest a solution. Even on things I have almost no knowledge.

My worst skill is:
*** problem solving ***
Being so effective make me everybody's slave.
Everybody always rely on me for any kind of weird shit. If I try to "outsource" the problem, after one day it will bounce back on me and I solve it in no time.

So I've no time for anything else that solving other people's problems.
Constant interruptions and context switching.
And worst, my bosses don't understand why I don't finish my tasks. And I cannot blame my team.

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    Don’t be too nice to people you know. But do help people you don’t know.
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    "but you helped me before, can't you help me now.?"

    "that was before I knew you"!

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    /Benefit of the doubt/
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    @xewl yeah well, maybe I'll change work environment and I'll be a total jerk
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    Well I'm sure you'll be able to find a solution for this problematic situation :)
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    @dyte yes, I forgot to specify better my skill:
    tech-related problem solving.

    Humans-related problem solving: I don't have that skill
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    All I can say is , you gotta hard set your priorities. A fat no might be rude, and no doubt will throw people off ease but you have to give everything a cost.

    You and your mind are above all else and how you choose to deliberate them is a heavy responsibility.

    In my 5 years of "people experience" , I have learned to be, what many call, selfish.

    Hope it helps :)
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    yeah you are right I guess. I always think in term of "project" priorities, but MY priorities should be taken into account, as they are key to reach project priorities.

    Hmmm but now, thinking better, hey my priority just now...I'll go to have a beer
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