Programmer: My code doesn’t always work, but when it does... I don’t know why.

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    Compilation jokes are kind of a thing of past. Now, runtime errors are the things that give me chills
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    Welcome in 2019. Compiling has no need for progress bar.
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    I feel that ldconfig is slower than gcc compilation
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    @hypervtechnics Yea it needs one but you aint getting one

    looking at you Unity where the only thing with a functioning compiler bar is "compiling shader variants for 10 hours straight" and everything else just gets stuck at zero % and completes only when your pc finally unfreezes from its ethernal slumber with a built exe/apk and a console full of build errors that dont actually affect the build (even tho they are called "BuildException" or somethin like that) and man this deserves its own rant...
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