Staying in because I have some really awesome stomach pains this morning courtesy of my time in the wonderful U.S Army.

As such my daughter did not get dropped off at the daycare center.

It is 09:22am. She(daughter)would have stayed asleep till about 10 if we didn't mess with her.

For WHATEVER FUCKING REASON and knowing that my stomach is on a fucking murder spree right now my wife decided in ALL OF HER FUCKING WISDOM to wake her up.

I am so

I really feel for the motherfucker that would today and I am really wishing a motherfucker would.

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    What exactly happened while you were in the army to cause stomach pains?
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    seconding Stux here.
    What happened?
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    @Stuxnet @kescherRant look up images of what an m88 Hercules is. It is a recovery tracked vehicle. I was a tech and also the operator of said vehicle in my unit. During a recovery mission the hoist cable got stuck, I climbed to the top to unfuck it and then the damned thing janked me and made me fall into one of the handles that it has on it(the ones used to climb it) and made me a nice little stomach hole.
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    @AleCx04 so what you're saying is you have an unsecured I/O port.
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    @theKarlisK 🤣🤣 said i/o port is closed, but definitely painful at times
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    @AleCx04 let me guess, a bottle of 800mg motrins and an ace bandage when it happened?

    Or is impaling yourself what it takes to finally get them to break out the good stuff 🤔
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    @M1sf3t since we were out on a mission it was indeed what I got.

    I didn't get the good shit till we got back. But I really believe my boys where thinking about either knocking me out or buying some illegal shit somewhere to get me to stop bitching and whining
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    @AleCx04 fuck i would've been bitching too. I imagine the driver on the way back wasn't helping you out one bit either 😅
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    Hey man, haven't seen you in a while. Get well soon.
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    @AleCx04 I can't believe you still dare to eat tacos and spicy shit
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    baahahhaah!!!!! Bottle of 800mg Motrins made me laugh.....those in the know...
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    @RantSomeWhere feeling much better man :D i went to the doctor about a month ago. Got some medicine and a new diet to take care of it. Feeling good now :D
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    @mundo03 me estoy chingando dos de al pastor en estos momentos, con salsa y en tortilla de queso caon.
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    @AleCx04 y no se te salen wey? Me preocupas
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    @AleCx04 Suva (Swiss work safety thingy) aint gonna like this one.
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    @AleCx04 tsss que antojo
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