In a multi-monitor setup, do you position your webcam so that it only gets your good side? 😂😂

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    Main monitor gets the cam.
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    Facing my 3D Printer. I have to know what's up without turning around
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    Get two cameras to get the both cheeks.
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    @theKarlisK but one side is better than the other. Maybe the other side is bad. Maybe you look like the phantom of the opera or something
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    @theKarlisK even better: combine the stream so they output a blue/red 3D image
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    @broseph why don't you flip a coin on that Mr. twoface - heads you win and one of the monitors takes an acid bath.
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    Best two face ever.
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    Nope, my 3rd monitor gets the cam [laptop screen]. It's right in the middle, below the other 2 monitors. So that facial recognition could have a good look at my mug before unlocking the screen or granting sudo access
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    I position it so it sees less desk space with accompanying desk junk and more wall.
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    I don't have a good side. Neither a webcam.
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    @Fast-Nop This.
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    I'm sitting in front of a window and the light is shining through my hair. I don't think I could do anything to unfuck this.
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