Hey y’all. I’ve worked with a couple startups and live in a third world country. Recently I received an offer from a Fortune 500 company to relocate to a first world country. A couple of buddies and old workmates who know about this are discouraging me to take the offer with claims that there isn’t much to learn or gain in those companies, but there hasn’t been much learning or career growth gained from the local scene. My question is if anyone has any insight kindly advice me on what the right move is. Because I feel I’m gonna go for the offer.

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    If i got a better office in a first world country i’d take it. I live in a 3rd world country too and tbh going to a better country is a big upgrade regardless of the actual work
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    Take it for sure. You can always go back of it sucks but you'll regret it if you let the opportunity pass
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    Take it.
    Some opportunities only ever come knocking once, and if you don't take it you'll never know what you missed out on - this leads to regret and booze if you ever find out what you could have made it of your career.
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    Like everyone else.....take it! Relocating from 3rd world country to 1st world country is already a massive upgrade. It seems to me like the people telling you not to are people that just don’t want to lose you. They are being selfish and not looking out for you. Again, like everyone else has said, if it doesn’t work out you don’t have to stay. It’s not enslavement. And you’ll have the benefit of the addition of that on your resume and already being in the first world country. Wish you the best of luck!
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    Almost everything has been said already, so you probably have your answer.
    May we know the country in question? That way we might be able to answer some of your questions on the life there.
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback, I was trying to see if there’s any angle I’m not seeing but it seems the best option is staring at me.
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