Heyyy DevRant Fam! It’s definitely been quite awhile since i have posted in this amazing community and I apologise, i’ve been extremely busy with my uni work and just life caught up to me πŸ˜…, also as always I really hope everyone is doing very well wherever you may be as always :-).

I’d love to ask you guys a question that has been on my mind for a while now 😊, I’ve been thinking of making my own password manager for a side/fun project. What I’ve been doing is I’ve found a open source project on github and downloaded it , loaded it up and read through some code, from memory the project is called ‘keepass’ and its written in c++!.

I’d love to get some advice from you guys, how do i go about learning and understanding open source code :-)? What is some advice you can give to me? Anyways I’d be very grateful for any piece of advice :D once again as always hope everyone has an amazing Sunday night and long weekend, wherever you may be!.

Thank you for reading my very long post sorry for rambling on πŸ˜….

Kind regards,
Milo ☺️

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    Whenever you're trying to understand a big codebase that you're not familiar with, there are pretty much four things you can do

    1. Read the docs
    2. Ask the community
    3. Read the code
    4. Try to change something

    4 is especially powerful because it motivates the other three too. Just think of a simple change and try to do it. And really, don't hesitate to ask the community but do it after you've exhausted every other option (eg. Google search).

    It takes quite a while to understand a big codebase, keep at it.
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    @RememberMe Hey mate :-) thank you kindly for replying and giving some good steps on how i can improve :D, really appreciate it :)
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    @KingMilo :)

    Oh lul I forgot a really important one

    5. Build the program in debug mode, attach a debugger, and run through the code one step at a time. You can trace the execution of common tasks in the program this way, really really helps when you don't know how execution flows through the code.
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    @RememberMe perfect :D, i'll definitely need that info! really helps, once again thank you mate :-)
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