~ Summer vibes~

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    So far I'm enjoying a nice summer with a 15°C temperature and light rain. I love it.
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    Downside to being in Australia
    ~ winter blues ~
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    Bloody 40°C this week already.
    Summer can burn in hell.
    Oh wait, it IS hell.
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    @Root on the upside, the violent thunderstorms with ultra thick rain drops are very enjoyable in summer.
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    @RantSomeWhere I live in the desert. Very few storms here except dust storms.
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    @Root that sucks. Summer can swallow a dick without thunderstorms.
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    I like thunderstorms, they're like little baby hurricanes, so cute 🤗

    The humidity afterwords really blows though. Or doesn't rather, everything is very sticky and stagnant. Still I'd rather that than a dust storm any day. Between iraq and the gravel pit I've inhaled enough sand and dirt to last a lifetime.
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    @M1sf3t It's all fun and games until your UPS wakes you up in the middle of the night with loud beeps!
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    @Jilano or the roof of the barn snaps off its posts and comes crashing into the the attic above your room. That's a pretty surreal sight to take in 🙊
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    @M1sf3t That... I can imagine.
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