So here's the deal on how I WILL sort my life and fix the leaks:

Plan A:
1. Get into the new PM position as early as possible.
No matter what it takes. I will have to stay low key.

2. Meanwhile learn all the shit of and around Product Management.
Includes reading books, learning tools, methodologies, communicating and interacting with fellow PMs, courses, reading more articles, blogs and books. JUST FUCKING LEARNNNN.

3. Get a new job as soon as I get the new title on paper. Because I need MONEY for survival.
Also, I want to be in B2C environment instead of B2B.

4. Meanwhile implement the stock market script/algorithm based on the theory I learned. Guys it works and if any of you need it, shoot me a message and I shall share.

5. Invest and earn. Want to have a side income and distribute my investments too.

6. Start with that goddamn side project. Outsource it if required (mostly after I score a better paying gig).

Stop looking for Plan B, Floyd. There is no Plan B. There is only one and we have to stick to it.

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    Point 4 sounds interesting, tell me more
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    @SZenC So one of my uncles is a full time trader and he mostly deals into F&O segment (intraday).

    Based on his experience/knowledge/wisdom he came up with some analogies on how to earn 5K INR in single days session.

    He started a forum where we all can learn and contribute back our learnings (with improvised methods and stuff).

    Everything in markets is related to OHLC (Open High Low Close) and there are some rules which can help predicting the market trends.

    One must ride the trend to earn.

    That said, I am using Google Sheets along with Google Finance formula to fetch my portfolio data.

    Best thing about G Finance is it fetches the OHLC data on a click (which was my biggest concern when I decided to automate this).

    Now I just have to implement those IF ELSE conditions on the fetched OHLC data and few more formulas which will just tell me when to enter and when to exit.

    Have been delaying it cause of my UK trip but now I need to implement it as early as possible.
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    10/10 for attitude
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    Good luck, mate.
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    @hubiruchi thanks man.

    @rantsomewhere thanks man. How are you doing?
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    @Floydian ehh, fair to middling. There’s a lot of stuff I need to unfuck in my life right now, but I lack motivation.
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    Thanks @Floydian !

    I did not know this feature even existed!
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    @Frederick absolutely man. I somehow find joy in doing things and sharing with you all. Unlike real life, you people are actually well wishers and it's great to have friends like you all.

    @rantsomewhere same. Lacking mental energy to get out of the bed and do stuff. Instead I procrastinate by being on reddit laughing at memes.

    @bytecode haha if you need more help then let me know. Here to help and share the knowledge :)
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    This is interesting. Tell me more man.. so you’d be short selling then?
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    @badcopnodonuts Nope. I am more into Long call/put

    Sure, what you wish to know? The rules or conditions?
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    @Floydian Ah, shit assumption on my part when I read get the High/Low part.

    I dislike google products but I’m keen to sign up to try this.
    Can you add me to the group or tell me where to go. I understand a fair bit of technical analysis so I’m interested in what it does and how.
    Who do you place your trades through?
    I’m broke and need to make some money too haha.
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    @badcopnodonuts There isn't any group.

    It's just an offline forum where we come together and discuss.

    I can share the data and rules if you want. Email maybe?

    Apart from that, I place my trade via local broker who provides an online trading platform and charges some fee for demat (in case of delivery trade) and transaction charges in case of F&O.

    Agree, Google sucks but it works better than most.
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    @Floydian I had a course in school on Software Reliability and Quality and it covered a lot of Project Management stuff. It might help you or it might not. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to go through it as some sort of extra info. Everything's on this site. Some of it might be in French though but most of it is English. All the best mate. :)

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    @exceptionalGuy Appreciate the gesture and thanks for sharing.

    However, I am more into Product Management and not Project Management.
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