Hahaha guys I got the HTTP response codes tattooed on my arm so I don't forget them! Aren't I fun and quirky? I'm such a code nerd, oh thanks for the likes, Twitter! Wowowowow i am just SO FUN. Look at my nerdy tattoo!!

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    I'm 100% sure that all of the people that have these tattooes don't even know what half of it means.
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    That's a lot of text for one arm...
    Just get the cheat sheet:
    1xx - Hold on
    2xx - Here you go
    3xx - Go away
    4xx - You fucked up
    5xx - I fucked up
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    All you need to know is 418: I'm a teapod. Others are not important.
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    has anyone used more than... 5 to 10 of them?
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    @KorDarei It's more useful to know which error you should actually be sending rather than just 400 with an error message
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    Error 404, tattoo not found.
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    @yoyotrix request is larger than the server is willing or able to process :)
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    @AlgoRythm message is important also, nor do i or my collegues know what the hell 446 means, you need a message about the details... Later on you have a detailed message, who cares if there is 446 or 445, so everybody turns to responding 400... The rules of code entropy 😁
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    @KorDarei the codes are less for the human and more for the computer.

    You want to have response.code in your if statement, not a string comparison. Error messages change, error codes don't
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    @AlgoRythm you've got the point when i think of it, i haven't compared strings in server responses for that very reason... but i think messages in API calls are important too, i mean it's not enough to send 422 to a user without a message what is wrong
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