Why do so many companies think that frontend work can be stuffed at the end of the product development right before a release is expected.

And to top it off, expect all things to be working, smooth, animating, responsive, crisp, fast with 100 fucking lighthouse score.

🖕 To everyone who thinks frontend work is meh!, Not real programming and similar. Fuck you!

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    It's because front end is a lot like the Blue Oyster Bar. If you're at the front, you'll get fucked.
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    My coleagues think front end is just grabbing a brush and paint the website with fancy colors
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    @devTea blows my mind. I sometimes just ask people to do my job when they start shitting and then they become all defensive.

    I mean if you don't know enough about something.. stop fucking demeaning it.
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    @devTea Dunning-Kruger effect, when one knows so little about something that it looks easy.

    Actually, I didn't think either that web design is hard. I mean, when you subtract the outright superfluous shit that just gets into the way.

    And then I needed a website, nothing big. So I read into usability, Norman Nielsen Group's articles, accessibility, WCAG 2.1, colour wheels, responsive design, performance metrics.

    Next, I realised that the broad majority of websites are so bad because a lot of those who do them (and/or: their bosses!) don't seem to know much more than I did before research.
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    @Fast-Nop i make a point to rant about a website in public if clicking on a label doesnt focus the fucking input in the form.

    Use it yourself before making people use it.
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    Think another part of it is that it's usually pretty easy to copy or use a cms and get the basic idea of one up and going. It's also because of that though that it's extremely hard to build a professional and somewhat original site that will stand out and have everyone actually wanting to use it.

    For me personally I think I would find it much easier on the backend, but I've always struggled with second guessing non-finite skills such as art and music so I typically drive myself nuts over the most nitpicky of things when I'm doing frontend work.

    Not that I've had much experience with the backend but it seems to have a more "works or it doesn't" feel to it.
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    @M1sf3t summed it up 👌
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    I’m not a dedicated front end guy but it’s a tedious fucking job and one that does require a lot of skill and knowledge. As usual though the idiots confuse a photoshop/ sketch mock with how long the real thing takes.
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