So we were having our Computer Science lab just this morning and this girl wasn’t able to get the right output for a JAVA program.
Actual answer: 5.71
Her answer: 6.34
Her explanation: “Maybe I’m not getting the output because I am on a different system, try this on your computer, please?”
My reaction :

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    #JavaVMachine XD
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    Shit you not in uni I had a C++ assignment that would fail some tests on one pc and pass on a different pc...

    They had fucked up the test criteria and someone allocated memory incorrectly causing it to sometimes pass and fail for the exact same code on different PCs
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    @simpleJack I am scratching head right now because my cpp code worked last week, but now it won't.

    /*I didn't change anything*/
    : /
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    My coworker had to code his Assembly school projects differently from everyone else because his laptop wouldn't get the right output.
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    @RiderExMachina I have to use WSL instead of dual-booting because my shitty "MSI" branded laptop comes with AmiBIOS... (I wanted to write about the bugs but then I remembered that amibios is all you need to know :D)
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    @bytecode his laptop was also an MSI. Methinks they do something fishy somewhere in their software
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