I work 8-9 hours a day. With my PMs love for contextual switching I avg 6 hours of client billable time.

Debating if I should bother having this talk with them. My PMs a fcn bull dog which makes things hard. Can’t address anything without it being a bull taking session.

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    You should bill every single second of that.

    Any task, any related thing to the work that can't be avoided - is billed.

    Of course, it does not count for driving to and from work unless specifically agreed upon but anything else - is billed.

    We've had a colleague that would turn off his timer if he goes to WC or to smoke. Why?! You are going to WC a few times a day and smoking... Every hour or two? So why stop? Don't you deserve a break? :)

    So yeah... He's full of bullshit and he's literally using you.
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    I actually have not been billing on my smoke(vape) breaks mostly cause I’m on salary and projects have a set time expectation to finish that everyone fears going too far over for whatever reason. Your right though that each minute should be billed. The task swapping more so lands me in awkward moments where I’m filled with more questions and have gap periods between where I couldn’t yet start, thus leaving grey areas on how it should be billed when each project has at least 4 time slots for different reasons. That and the projects end up going over because context swapping absorbs so much time that no real work gets done through the day. I would dare to say I’m productive only 4 hours of the day with the current rate
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    @dUcKtYpEd Look at the example here:

    Imagine you are working at a coorporate office. You are getting paid by hour, every day from 9 to 5. No matter what you do there, right? Right. (exceptions if you do nothing... :D )

    Well, by the law in most country - you are eligable to breaks. Which can vary but on our case - every 1 hour - 5-10 min break is mandatory. People abuse that shit to hell and only smokers get it to go and smoke. Others are fucked. Even tho... These breaks can improve your productivity and you can do more work in the remaining time.

    As for switching tasks - there can't be any unbilled time to switch it. If I stopped working on a task - I don't stop the timer until I picked a new one. If you don't do that - you work for free. And if you agree that it takes a lot of time - why do you sell a lot of time for free? :)

    Also, I'm switching between 5-8 projects daily, all switches are billed and nobody bats an eye, no matter if there is budget or not - it's work related :)
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    Oh and... To be fair... I tend to avoid working more than 8 hours. So for example, if I came to an office at 10AM, I would only leave it at 7PM (8 hours of work + 1 hour of lunch, that is unpaid). So in a nutshell, I've worked all 8 hours and all of them were billed at the end of the day :)
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