So I mentioned before that I managed to beat the ATS system for one job posting and got an immediate interview invite.

They one upped me by sending me to a video interview with an AI. It's supposed to analyze my facial expressions and determine if I'm worthy of being hired.

Got a rejection email just now.

So after all that hard work, looks like Skynet didn't like me very much 😛.

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    WTF?! Is shit like this normal these days?
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    They said AI was going to take our jobs- I guess that starts with it preventing us from getting jobs altogether...

    Clever strategy, robots.
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    Damn as an ugly person this is offensive and we should sue for discrimination! 😂😂😂
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    Just last week I fixed a bug by smiling at my IDE, and yesterday I added an index to our database using nothing but a flirtatious look.
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    @bittersweet Damn, this is good advice. I'll try licking my monitor at the office. Thanks! 😄
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    @rutee07 come on, this is a family site, keep it nice.
    No transtech porn in here.
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    @mundo03 Oops, sorry. *bites lip and erotically touches the monitor one last time while moving away*
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    @rutee07 good thanks, don't forget to repent and to pray this sunday
    **hides awkward harddrive and starts molesting child processes **
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