For this week, there is this student from a high school who's joining my company to complete his job experience project for his school.

Since my company is on the cryptocurrency trading and programming side, I'm not sure what kind of task is suitable for him, and I'm afraid that some tasks might be too difficult for him.

He did mention he was interested in programming and he knows how to use HTML and CSS ( yes I know these aren't really programming languages ).

Any suggestions or ideas on what tasks to give him or teach him?

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    Learn js and ask him to show some kind of dashboard?
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    QA? Peer Reviews (ya; it'd mostly be going the opposite direction of usual, but... still not nothing).. maybe some smaller devops steps could be picked up in isolation. Maybe expanding test coverage if there's any simpler parts...even if it's slow it's useful.
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    Or do you have any internal sites he could look at w/ little more than html? Sharepoint? A wiki that could use improvement?
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    @BluePanda All our websites are quite PHP and JavaScript heavy, I think it might be a bit difficult for him.
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    @devTea yeah I just told him to check out JavaScript and try to code out a simple currency conversion page
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    Just keep him away from jquery and let him do vanilla 😛
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