Does anyone here do Linux kernel development? How do you "get started"?

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    Deleting the root directory and starting from scratch, you'll figure it out 😛
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    @alexbrooklyn how do I do that? I keep getting rm: cannot remove ‘/dev/sda’: Permission Denied
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    @1nt3rn3tc0wb0y you can try sudo rm --rf --no-preserve-root if i'm not mistaken. 😏
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    @rynken now i get grub: kernel.bin missing

    So im good to go then, right?
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    @1nt3rn3tc0wb0y Now you can go and try installing LFS or Gentoo.
    Installing them may give you some kernel configuration experience...
    Well, jokes aside, in order to gain kernel development, you can git clone the kernel repo and look at its sources.
    P. S. Forgot to add that the first comment was a joke. Sorry for making you do it.
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    Well, to fix the current problem just install the distro you previously had.
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    Step 1: Dont delete everything in your root directory
    Step 2: Dont delete everything in your harddrive
    Step 3: Dont ever listen to @alexbrooklyn or @rynken ever again.
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    @HampusMa I believe that he knows not to delete his system and he's just playing along :)
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    If you still want to go and smash your head into something hard, sharp and somewhat pointy... contemplate your decision and then do that again a couple times.
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    Also check out https://osdev.net/
    You can learn a lot about how operating systems work at the lowest level, which is incredibly important if you're going to be doing kernel development.

    I've been slowly developing my own OS kernel for a few months now, for the second time (first one got stolen - it was on an external hdd). It's fun, but you better enjoy debugging strange and seemingly impossible bugs :P
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    @Gogeta70 i did an operating system class in college where we basically got a skeleton and implemented virtual memory, context switching, filesystems etc. Ive never coded till the sun rose so many times 😂 but I learned a ton. one of my favorite classes despite the difficulty and the crazy bugs.
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