Recently got back into Blender to get those 3D modeling Skillz. Lemme tell you what those keybindings do NOT fucking stick in memory over long periods of time.

I felt like someone had detached all of my fingers, shuffled their order, and instructed me to type an essay. Not to mention the new UI, which I love for sure, but is unfamiliar to me.

Anyways, I've always wanted to make a multiplayer VR hangout sort of game set in Disney world so that's my unobtainable goal and reason for doing this.


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    I wanna play
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    When I'm in Blender I feel that I have only my hands, no tools, and the model is made from titanium or something (and I can't carve something out of it).
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    Might be easier to build a map for VRChat
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    I've been using Blender for a while now, and I'm pretty confident with the keys : just link the single key with a word like g stands for grab! Now I found myself typing more than moving the mouse . Also the spacebar ( f3 for the new blender) is your best friend
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    @DustInCompetent might learn less
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    When I needed a certain model for rendering a picture and post processing that, I decided to call it a day and just bought one for $15 or so. Blender's UI was hard enough to figure out even with a ready made model, but the result was nice.
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    Check out bforartists. Which is the software name for "Blender for artists". Its a complete UI and shortcut redesign to match softs like 3ds max and maya. Blender looks like a 3D software designed for artists by programmers... Bforartists Actually looks and uses like a 3D software!

    If you're on windows its simple to install. Under linux you have to compile the sources on your own, but it comes mostly pre-configured so its easy to do
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    @Hazarth Holy shit, the amount of backblow this project got is stunning. Looks like people didn't even understand what issue this project was going to solve.
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