A few years ago I volunteered to help at a open day of my high school where I would help kids with small programming tasks to show them what the Information Technology subject was about.

During that open day every visitor had a stamp card where they could collect stamps from various subjects to win a prize, in other words, if you wanna win a prize you gotta program something in the classroom where I was.

It was so amazing to see some kids going in overspeed and finishing the exercises without help and even going further by working on the exercises that weren't required for a stamp (we're talking about blockly exercises).

On the other hand there were a few kids who couldn't wait to get out of there once they 'finished' the first exercise.

I wonder how many of them will be programming as a job or as a hobby in the future 😁

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    What’s sad about this is teachers thinking blockly is an appropriate tool in teaching programming...

    I swear, the people of the 50s-early 2000s learning programming must have been super geniuses compared to now.. I only say that because these teachers think it’s impossible to teach programming to young people or get them interested without bullshit like blockly and scratch....
    But from the 50s - early 2000s kids lived and understood programming just fine learning it the REALY WAY!!!!

    ENOUGH with the oversimplification, coddling, of the youth and teach them programming not this bullshit!
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    I can almost promise you if someone said when I started learning programming here let’s use blockly.. to learn programming and all while I’m thinking this is real programming.. I definitely would never have pursed it as a career... these picture tools are babyish, childish bullshit...

    I liked programming because of the robotics, matrix, etc feel to the whole thing..... blockly, scratch all that is nothing that drives enthusiasm... and if someone’s not interested in programming because they don’t understand it and have no drive or motivation to learn it, don’t bring the whole population down only to increase numbers by brining the person who doesn’t wanna be there aboard to fit their learning style...
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