Well. Guess who missed it again..

Anyways, it's my belated devrant anniversary!

Since last year I have gained ~20000++ and met a bunch of new people here. So, I would like to thank @dfox and @trogus for this great platform!

Also, a quick recap of robotics (the only interesting thing I do) since last year:

We had a great build season, and built a robot that got us in the top 5 or 6 (I can't remember) at our first competition, top 2 at our second, and quarterfinals at our third!

Thanks to everyone for the support throughout the season!

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    Wow, how time flies

    A year ago I was on 20k 😂
    and we also had this amazing guy below.

    Congrats on your 30k....
    Oh yea I'm about to spam ++ you 😏

    😎 I found a face reveal down there
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    Ok I'm done.
    Enjoy the 30k club
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    @C0D4 I'm dumb.. I accidentally pressed report instead of reply. Sorry about that.

    Anyways, thanks! Your thumbs must be tired.

    I did my face reveal around the time @linuxxx did (ya, that actually happened)
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    @ewpratten RSI burns, going to apply ice for a while 😂
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    I just noticed @c0d4 is catching up with me. Oh no. Also congrats
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    @Haxk20 ~400 to go.
    When did this happen?
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    @C0D4 IDK. I failed. Take my place sir. You deserve it more as it seems. :(

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    Hi, I'm new here, and I'm a new programming student so I'd like you to give me some hands-on shots from time to time.
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    @Haxk20 i give it to the weekend, ok maybe next weekend depending on the flow of ++
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    @SchevaAgnini welcome to our wonderful part of the internets.
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    Happy anniversary! And thanks for being a great devRanter!
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    At 16 I programmed only in Turbo Pascal some shitty games of mine.
    Where did I started to do wrong? At 14? Even earlier?
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    @Burwo the only Problem is that you stopped programming in turbo pascal. today alsmost noboy uses it but theres a ton of legacy Software which needs to be supported
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    I just did some Commodore 64 BASIC program 2 years ago. Can I make good money from this skill?
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