Well this is the end...

My dream of getting a enginieer degree is over.

I hope my plan B wont fail.

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    Correspondance courses ?
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    ah come on! Yes that's a nuisance but not the end of the world! You have on average 82 years to live. A small setback along the way is normal. Try it next year again and meanwhile you try to find an internship as an engineer oke? 🙂
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    Hack your grades and become an engineer :))
    (Just kiddin !)
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    University is free for me but if you need to retake courses then you have to pay for them.
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    Well. I dont have a title of a enginieer yet but i know that im already THE enginieer. University dont teach you anything. Only raw knowlege that you can find on wikipedia. The most important thing is to understand how it works and you are not going to use equations for that. A true enginieer can use his knowlege like legos. Mixing knowlege from everywhere to create the best solution. Creativity is important, raw knowlege can be found on the internet.
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    @rutee07 @heyheni
    Also I just wanted a fancy title to my name :(
    And few contacts so i can get work easier.
    Also uni has a LOT of fancy equipment!
    But it was just too much hassle for me. I couldnt finish any homework or practice anything. 90% Of the stuff i have already known. Because Im the freak who learned about advanced math, technology on his own. I also learned how things are supposed to be done thanks to the pros on the forums.
    Maybe if i do more projects in the future i will convince the uni to give me the title without 7 semesters of fucking grinding.
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    What is your plan B? If i finally fail as a developer I want to be an ice cream seller person (don't know the correct english word for that) even if I can't even cook.
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    @Burwor Owning things is more lucrative than doing things. So let others sell your ice cream.
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