I've been working in web development and design since 2012 and, while I've worked with others in my field along the way, I've not forged any lasting friendships... maybe I'm just a shitty person? I've burned some bridges that's for sure. Anyway, it all boils down to: I have no one to bitch to when I want to stab someone in the abdomen over frustrations at my current job.

Enter devRant...

I'm coming up on the year anniversary at my new position and there is still a lot to take in. I replaced a "web guy" who had been doing it for 20 years. Anyway, his stuff is all a mess, and what's worse is that the problems I'm seeing stretch far beyond my own responsibilities. I'm in a group of "tech" people who have all been here for a decade or more, and they're almost all like the guy I replaced: set in their ways and years out of date.

There is one gentlemen who is managing a database application and each site links to his ASP (not .NET) pages. Each of these pages looks like the website they were linked from. He showed me how he achieves this and it's just insane - he uses a bunch of files (basically just text files) that make up different pieces of the page to recreate the look/feel of the website on this his server - just to serve the information from the database. God forbid the website changes 'cause then all his little files need to change.

When I suggested that I can just query the database myself and display all that information on the actual site instead of doing all these redundant steps, I get "I think we should stick with the way we've been doing it for now."

*stab stab stab*

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    when a 10-years dev start a sentence with "I think we should stick with the way..." be careful with what you touch
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    "Been doing it this way for 20 years and never had a problem with it" brigade
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    I feel for them, because technology changes fast, but I just don't understand the unwillingness to change with it.
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    @JayH i relate to this so much. Technology changes but a lot of people are very hesitant/unwilling to change with it.

    I worked for someone that had his entire web stack in classic ASP. I liked ASP, I liked VBScript and JScript but man.....in this day and age to be doing all that shit from scratch when one can just use better and more modern technologies just baffles me.

    Regarding friendships, i'll be your friend :D i am pretty shitty myself, but i dig hanging out with like minded people. I've got a couple of good friends here, great people and very knowledgeable as well.

    Stick around man, you might really dig it here.
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