GitOps. Discuss?

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    Operations working with git? Like configuration files and monitoring stuff in git? What?
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    Is this a question? What is GitOps?
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    Git is a good storage and tracking tech for configuration files. Spring Cloud config, GoCD come with git support by default
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    We're looking to run Kubernetes in AKS and are looking at our infrastructure as code options so will be exploring our GitOps strategy.

    But not something we've done before so looking for success and horror stories.
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    Not sure what GitOps is supposed to be, but yeah, it’s a powerful source for automating stuff with CI/CD.
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    For example of you have a microservices split across many repos, your CI/CD pipeline would create a git mono repo of all deployed services in that current state so can be redeployed consistently.
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    @LynxMagnus this sounds like you need to containerize your microservices, not have a meta-repo...
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    They are containerised. But there's infrastructure code that all need to be in sync to save state.
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