What kind of music do you guys listen too when you're coding? I need recommendations!

I can't do anything with English lyrics (other languages are fine. As long as I don't understand the lyrics, it's not distracting), so I usually stick to instrumental like animals as leaders, polyphia, Chon, etc or German metal: Rammstein, oomph, wbtbwb, etc

Whatcha guys got?

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    In terms of instrumental stuff, I’ve been into post rock, recently. Check out Explosions In The Sky, it’s a very calm sort of music that does not get in the way.

    Other than that, I’m usually more of a progressive rock / metal guy.
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    Lofi or hard trap stuff (like Slander, NGHTMRE, 4B, Kayzo, SAYMYNAME, etc)
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    I enjoy instrumental music, especially from epic movies. Such as Two Steps from Hell, and Immediate Music. I use this site often to find similar artists:

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    @fire-phoenix bruh thats awesome
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    I either hear metal or chillstep or lofi hip hop.
    The code Radio of freecodecamp is nice, too.
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    Try podcasts. It's like background noise to me but only the horror ones told in a soft and creepy voice. Check out NoSleep, Creepy, etc. I can suggest more if you're interested in horror or true crime.
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    Tangerine Dream
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    I like video game music, a lot of it is designed as "background thinking music" so it works pretty well for me. I'll usually just pull up someone else's playlist of game music for studying, or search for a specific game's OST if I'm in the mood.
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    some newRetroWave aka Synthwave music like lazerhawk, perturbator, carpenter brut, com truise etc. without vocals, also try The Fountain OST, it is magnificent piece of instrumental music.

    there is a programming music playlist that is nice - https://youtube.com/playlist/...

    If you like metal and video games, try Demetori, no lyrics at all, and if you like aggressive music try melodeathByCountries channel on youtube
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    @RantSomeWhere +1 for Explosions in the sky. Been using them for so many years now.
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    Peter Gundry is super chill
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    You could try buckethead and nick johnston, both great guitarists
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    Psychedelic dub.
    Goa progressive trance.
    Just youtube it.
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    If you're into animals as leaders. Then try out Keith merrow. Solo artist from YouTube. Look for his new album called reading the bones

    Also try out Vitalism, more "djenty" and technical, like animals as leaders.
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    Try Ed Allene Johnson
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    Check out Tycho and Carbon based life forms. They're not prog but they're amazing. Also intervals are pretty dope and sithu aye
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    Oh also Kvelertak when I'm really pissed off xD
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    Maybe try wardruna
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    I've recently started listening to a Spotify list called Lo-Fi Beats. Really nice to get into the zone
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    I prefer jazz music like https://m.youtube.com/watch/...
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    If you like your instrumental, melodic metal like you listed you'd love:

    Chimp Spanner
    Scale the Summit
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    "electronic gems" youtube channel basically
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    There's a guy name Stephen Muires who has shakuhachi music that he wrote. Shakuhachi is traditional Japanese flute.


    This is a youtube clip to his guitar music. I wrote to him and he sent me his shakuhachi music files. I find I can focus and be centered and clear and clean on what ever I'm working on.

    His email address wh. he has made public is:


    I wrote to him and was very interested in telling him how much I appreciated his ability to blend original composition with traditional Japanese flute. He responded by sending me the files. I also gave him my word I would not pass them on, but he didn't seem to mind. I'd recommend this. Good luck.
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    I'm a weeb. I listen to jpop and vocaloid songs while doing my job.
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