11:00 AM
Boss: *autistic screaming* Make this module not shit.
Whole team: Alright we'll have a meeting to discuss changes at 6:00PM

5:00 PM
Me: I'mma fiddle just a bit with this module.... *fiddles a lot* *makes it not shit*.... cool, I'll just notify my team I fixed it.

LiterallyAtTheSameTime:00 PM
OtherDudeFromTeam *in my dm-s*: AY YO DUDE I FIXED THE PROBLEM LOL 😂😂😂
Me: iGiveUp.exe

  • 13
    That's what I get for trying to fix something off-schedule
  • 4
    Damn dude that's rough
  • 3
    You still have gained experience in making a module not shit.
  • 5
    You tell him you fixed it too? Maybe your not shit upgrade was better than his...
  • 2
    compare fixes, see if you can either pick the better one or if you can use bits of both to make an even better one
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