This remote agency that we use to help us build our mobile app is taking the piss out of us. They always have stupid questions, more stupid questions and on top of that at least they don’t work fast. So a task that should take a day it takes them a week and when they deliver it’s not exactly what we’re asking. Despite the fact that they’ve already asked me tons of questions they went ahead and implemented something I haven’t asked for because they thought it’s better. Well guess what read your fucking requirement documents that I spent 2 days writing. It’s all there bullet point by bullet point including the way it should work with examples and justification plus a flow charts to make it super fucking clear. It must be their business model to fuck around, stay on the project for as long as possible and ask for more money. They can’t be that stupid.

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    What country is this remote agency in?
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    India why?
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    @PappyHans I'm from India, and there is an issue here with some companies that are dedicated to getting outsourced work in high quantities, and keep rotating projects. Sometimes I've seen projects being picked up without Dev or designer input, or capability check. Again don't know about your case, but shitty ones do exist.
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    @PappyHans thats typical of indian outsourcing firms. You'll get the lowest quality developers - the smart ones have either left or been promoted to management
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    @unsignedint or they aren't into the whole quantity over quality work.
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