If you have a soul and want it crushed or simply want to give your anxiety a little boost, try scanning petabytes of data with multiple regular expressions.

Gone are the days when you're trained not to leave database queries running. Welcome to "just leave it overnight and let's check if we can make code changes tomorrow if it doesn't finish".

I ranted so many times how this makes me feel despite it being "normal". The difficult part is working on several tasks while waiting for others to finish and when the others are finished, you've already forgotten what the fuck it was about.

Maybe I should pack my bags and live inside the office but that also wouldn't make any difference. Better start bullet journaling again and taking down notes/essays hardcore.

Me: *reads own notes*
Me: "What? What are you saying? Why?"
Me: *reads code all over again*

Just venting. Frustration.

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    you can't use regexp if there is even a little soul left in you. Let alone anxiety.
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    @deviloper Also, does that mean I can't sell my soul to Satan to buy stuff now? I really want a bag of doughnuts.. 😞
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    @rutee07 regexp are evil creatures.They live in some dark corner of the mind. When you start using them, they will eat your brain and your whole energy.

    At least for me.
    I summon them rarely and when in real peril.
    They don't give me anxiety, rather the absence of any feeling.
    After heavy regexp sessions I always need to go to rehab.

    It's just me.
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    @rutee07 do you think Satan will be interested in your soul anyway?
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    @deviloper Ah, I can relate to that experience. I saw the grim reaper sitting next to me one time and he kept asking "you ready yet?" like damn, that guy is so persistent. So I said, "duuude, chill".
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    @deviloper I don't know. I haven't seen my father in years.. not sure if he would still welcome me in his kingdom..
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    @rutee07 @deviloper
    You guys are hilarious!!

    I need more people like you in my life.
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    sorry to hear your new job is crushing... :(
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    @cho-uc We accept souls or doughnuts as payment.

    @jesustricks Yo, it's good, I still love my job.
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