Since the beginning of this year our IT department has a new boss. He has no idea about IT, but worked with the other departments and CEO + management on an new business strategy. The other department bosses recogniced that this guy is stupid and only talking hot air, but not the CEO and management.
The IT part of the strategy is abstract and bullshit. The IT Team (we) was not included in building this. We only got the "finished" presented.
So our Team should integrate 6 big new systems (ERP, CRM,...) within 1,5 years. No system is actually fixed and the IT boss is only saying: "Its easy, just some interfaces to connect".
Nice additional: CEO says: Either we go with the strategy or we can leave the company.

My decision is made.

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    Well f*** them then. Let your CEO integrate this shit, or even better give it to the manager that proposed such strategy. You don’t need dictators, but instead leaders.
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    So it's the IT Crowd style of hire?
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    jump ship!
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    I gave them my signed termination!

    My feelings are now much much better.

    I also talked to the executive today and they got my points.

    Also nice for my (now ex-) colleagues that one big part of the last weeks from this stupid IT boss got reverted today. Hopefully more of this positive thinks will happen to my ex-colleagues.
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