Hey if you make an app that specifically depends on gnome and has 2 gigs of dependencies on other platforms

fuck you fuck your ancestors fuck your entire extended family fuck everything you have, do and will ever stand for, i hope you contract ever imaginable diseases to the point where existence itself pains you.

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    Hell shut your the mouth
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    Is this a mobile app?!?!?! Or web? Also, you bring in full dependencies or there is no linking involved( if so imma assume web app)
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    Well, if it was gnome only you would curse as well because it's not cross platform.
    Also thumbs up to the dev that made a gnome-first app!
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    @NSGangster do you even gnome????
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    @spyridonas NOPE!! Sorry I’m mobile app developer and saw words “app” and “2gb dependencies” and was like The fuck?!?!?! Don’t drink and devRant folks sorry was fucked up last night
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    Maybe my drunk ass assumed gnome was a 3rd party mobile framework but now I remember my ancient ass Linux prof mention it the semester before the 3rd time I dropped out of school
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