Awhile ago I said I'm getting Acer Swift 3. I did. But I don't have it yet.

Why? Because I asked for RAM upgrade. (4GB original)

2 things to rant.

1) Acer is giving a free 4GB RAM as gift which the shop didn't mention when I bought the laptop and extra RAM. So when I get it, I'll have an extra 4GB RAM.

2) I bought it on Tuesday. The shop said they will need to send the laptop to Acer service center for RAM upgrade and expect to get it on Wednesday. I called yesterday, it's still not done.

Let's see if I will get it today.

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    The worst is waiting for an item you already paid for :(
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    @hash-table got it finally.

    They asked me if I wanna install Windows 10 (cracked version) since it's sold without any OS.

    I am now in the process of updating the newly installed Cinnamon 😄
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