I hate leaving work late, stuck on a bug and 10 miles down the road heading home, figure out a solution and then argue with myself do I go back and fix it now with no distractions or write it down ... then in the morning I’ll do it but bear with distractions... or not write it down .. hope I remember and then do it in the morning

But I’ll probably get distracted.: forget .. then remember after everyone leaves and implement it tomorrow night .. lol

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    Can relate. I often just stay until it gets finished so I wouldn't have to worry about it the next day. Shit happens close to the deadline anyway.
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    @rutee07 but when you have a hour and 2in drive and it’s midnight and you been there since 9am..and haven’t ate since lunch .: and your tired and wanna make it home safe.. I typically make my cut off point midnight unless I’m making major strides and breakthroughs I’ll continue
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    @QuanticoCEO Ah, that's understandable then. Sometimes you just need some sleep to better solve the problem the next day. Too bad you have distractions.
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    @rutee07 the distractions is meetings .. or interns coming to me for help.. or coworkers and their issues. Or somone one wanting to run a design by me for my thoughts
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    I write it down... And it I need more hours, I work from home to justify it.
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    @QuanticoCEO That is the worst. That used to be my life in my previous company and had to extend my time until all those damn meetings are gone, as well as most of my co-workers. I hope you're not working in an open office, that can be hell too. Good luck, man.
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