Debugging our application looks like this

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    RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN!! What is this? Why excel! Jira and similar tools are not a thing? What's next? Notepad to keep track?
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    On another thought, are those numbers performance test results? Or timings?
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    @gitpush aaah, now you're thinking, Grasshopper :) yes, these are performance metrics of different calls :) Compared to each other across different configurations
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    What the crappy crap?
    Well - it makes sense to collect raw data as base line before fixing stuff. I guess. generate a nice graph with matplotlib, or xlsxwriter, and use as base line.
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    @netikras Then don't run :P, good think you have it on excel, but isn't there a better way where it gives you comparison and charts instead of you having to make them manually on Excel?
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    @gitpush maybe there is. I'm afraid it might slow me down :)
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    @gitpush p.S. It's not excel!
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    @netikras Libre office right? I'm used to calling it excel :P Just like, git = github :P
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    @netikras well in that way do what you see best
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    This looks too familiar..
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    @rutee07 how so? :)
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    @netikras I just remember having something similar. Couldn't find the pic though.
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    @rutee07 ahh, good then. For a moment I thought you saw when I posted it in the channel
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    @netikras Now I wish I didn't respond after my first comment so you'd be stuck with the thought "oh my god, I could be working with this freak". 😂
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    hmm, maybe you could hook that excell to metabase and generate graphs out super fast without writing any code, metabase is free and you can use docker to have it up in like 20 minutes
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