Some people have a rubber ducky debugger. I have well... This guy.

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    A white goose!
  • 2
    @netikras and it's plush, no less 😯
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    Looks extremely upset. What did you do to it?
  • 2
    @grumpyoldaf usually he just gets head rubs. Every now and then picked up for a headbutt.
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    What happened to its left wing? Is that why it looks so sad? Or is it because it knows what your code looks like?

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    @netikras the latter is probably true 😂 it's fluffy at the back... Not really wings which is odd
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    Damn! That is the cleanest Apple keyboard I ever saw, its cleaner than mine even though I clean every week!
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    @gitpush it's about a week old. Only just started my internship and they gave me all new stuff. It's also getting replaced for a UK layout one soon.
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    @Swan aaah reasonable enough lol, I hate the fact it is white, needs cleaning every week or new creatures will be living inside of it lol
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    Write your name on it or that swan belongs to her majesty the Queen
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