If a frontend dev asks for screens, mocks, designs or whatever, all the company pushes for it and gives it to them, but if a backend dev asks for a set of input/output samples for a feature, the same people claim "its so hard to think about the cases"... Wtf are they thinking?

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    It could be even worse, when you ask for more ram for the shitty pc they give it to you who only has 4gb, and they say "we don't have budget"
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    What they can see, they understand and care about. What happens behind the pretty exterior, nobody but the devs are concerned with 🙄
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    @LOL-jOkEs increased productivity also comes at a cost, the increase in revenue after subtracting those costs needs to meet business targets for it to be worth it.

    Not saying that you're wrong, just adding some detail.
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