Mozilla Executive uses Amazon Alexa.

And they say, they care about the browser respects user privacy. LMAO


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    A security executive for the internet-browser company Mozilla said he was shocked by the recordings of his family that were collected and retained by Amazon’s popular Alexa voice-activated interactive speakers.

    Alan Davidson, Mozilla’s vice-president of global policy, trust and security, said the Amazon Echo, the hardware that runs the Alexa service, is a wonderful product but when he recently examined what his family had recorded and stored, he found the archive included conversations among his young children.

    “I was shocked, honestly, and my family was shocked to see these recordings of our young children from years ago that are in the cloud and stored about us. It’s not to say that something was done wrong, or unlawfully,” Davidson said. “But users have no idea – they have no idea this data is out there and they don’t know how it’s going to be used in the future either.”
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    Time to switch from this shitshow
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    And currently german secretaries of homeland are trying to get access to all that data, such devices collect. That would be essential for crime detection, they say.

    Does anybody know of an island, far away, big enough to live self-sustained and cheap enough to buy?
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    @RantSomeWhere This? Mozilla Firefox?
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    @Floydian yes. I’ll have a look at alternatives.
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    I’m struggling here. An executive used a device that does not respect user privacy therefore the browser his company makes does not respect user privacy too? Is that what you’re saying ?
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    @grumpyoldaf Yes. Because I believe one must preach what they teach.
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    @Floydian Mozilla are a bunch of hypocrites and this became apparent when they banned dissenter. They're making steps more and more towards censoring things. "free and open internet but only when we like the politics"
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    @Floydian I dont fully agree with that statement (one must preach what they teach)

    The executive has the right to sell out his own data. Better said everyone has the right to sell his own data to someone. I like privacy and such but I do use windows. Is every software I make also sending shit to me because thats what windows does? That just doesnt make sense.
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    @fuck2code I never liked them.

    @Codex404 I don't get your reasoning. It's like Trump is talking about women empowerment but he can rape a woman.
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    @Floydian you’re not making sense here.

    If he was voluntarily being carefree about his private data and used a device as such then yeah what you said is true. But he did not. He found out that the device was sending data recently. He was in the dark for quite some time too I believe. I don’t understand what you mean by practice what you preach. He is the victim here although I agree he should have been careful. This doesn’t make him a hypocrite.

    Did you even read the article you quote yourself my man? Smh.
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    @Codex404 thank you. Couldn’t have put it myself better. Lot of asswad reasoning going on in the comments.
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    @RantSomeWhere your only alternative is Chrome. Surrender to Google. You have no choice. :P
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    @mishaor qutebrowser disgrees
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    @fuck2code qutebrowser is Chromium so you really don't have a choice (and yes I know it has an option to switch to WebKit but the thing that brings WebKit into Qt is abandoned so that doesn't count)
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    @mishaor lynx would like to have a word with you
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    @grumpyoldaf being a Vice President of one of the top products on internet whose primary selling point is 'privacy focused', you tell me that this guy was not aware of Amazon spying on him via Alexa?

    Do you even logic my man? Smh
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    @fuck2code lynx only works on stallman.org
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    @Floydian you think this guy put a device he knew was spying on him voluntarily in his living room with family around?

    You surely cannot be this dumb. For fucks sake.
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    @Floydian no its not like that at all. Raping a woman is still illegal, giving your own data away for free isnt...

    I know Microsoft is collecting data from me because I use their OS. Does that mean software I write with privacy in mind isn't worth it because I am using windows?
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    @grumpyoldaf yes he could have known and would have known it. Though whatever he does is up to him.

    The user should have a choice and that choice should not be made by a company. That is exactly what firefox is. They also collect your data, but only when you give permission for it.
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    @fuck2code suckless.org wants to know your location
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    I think there is a very fine line between collecting data and collecting data in this case.

    He might have been aware that Alexa uses speech recognition and information is stored - be it for marketing or whatever.

    But... And that's what everybody forgets - data can be used in many ways. I guess the wake up call were the audiologs of his children.

    In Berlin was a case of database misusage where police men used collected mobile phone numbers to specifically sexually harass minors....

    Well... If u hear such news and u hear your childrens audio log, I guess that you panic.

    The disturbing fact is that there is no innocent data.

    Most people ignore that...
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    @Codex404 I get your point but I think dude was quite aware about the data collection thing. If a person like you or me (at such a low level) know about the privacy thing, I can definitely be sure that VP of Mozilla must be and should be aware of privacy.
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    @Floydian thats what I said too, he is aware but made a personal choice to give his data out to a big company.

    But that is his personal life. That has nothing to do with his work. You can't expect everyone working at Mozilla to use Linux, block google, amazon and whatever other big data hoarders.
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    @Codex404 if he knew and was okay with sharing his data then why does the article mentions his statement where he says he did not know about it?
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    @Floydian ok yeah I missed that
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    @Codex404 cool, no issues. We are on same page now.
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